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Systemy akustyczne pozytywnie wpływają na akustykę wnętrz i mogą stanowić dodatkowy element dekoracyjny.


Acoustic system has a positive effect on interior acoustics and audibility in rooms. This is possible due to the absorption or proper reflection of sound waves by special “walls”. These systems are used especially in offices, cultural facilities or conference rooms. They work great between workplaces as well as for isolating sounds generated by loud office equipment. Thanks to wide range of colors, various shapes of screens your office, in addition to excellent acoustic properties, will look modern and attractive.
Acoustic screens can be used as individual elements or you can create setting area. Freestanding screen systems are easy to set up and can be quickly reconfigured at any time, depending on your needs. This ensures easy and quick arrangement of office space, conference rooms and other public space. Due to the variety of design, we can successfully place them wherever sound quality is valued.

Due to the wide variety of acoustic systems, we present only exemplary models and shapes. Our specialists will be happy to familiarize you with the full offer and help in choosing the right acoustic system.
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