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We have been creating office and hotel spaces in Poland and Europe for over 25 years. Our mission is the professional design and construction of furniture for commercial interiors. We strive to make customers satisfied with our services. Therefore, a professional sales team and creative, experienced designers are always at your service. Together with you, we create comprehensively designed, unique interiors. Our work also includes assistance in the selection of wallpapers, floor coverings, lighting, window decorations, thanks to which our interiors are harmonious.

Oferujemy systemy meblowe z możliwością dostosowania do potrzeb klienta.



essence of elegance with attention to details

Embodiment of female desires – majestic, deluxe, high-end details. Distinctive sensibility was the key point in designing Venus System. Minimalism in designed forms matching great with high quality materials such as cooper and soft velvet fabrics. Contrasting sharp beams of light emphasize curvy headboards shape and higlights the depth of luxury vinyl wallpapers. Precision in designing furniture systems meets the highest demands of our clients. Due to the latest trends we used beige and bronze colour pallete which reflects the lavish style of Venus System.


under the doctrine of aesthetic functionality with usage of eco-motive materials

Idea behind the project was based on image of fresh morning breeze in the early sunny morning. Earth system is “grounded” in pale-coloured, sustainable design.  A thoughtful combination of aesthetic and functionality. The environmentally friendly interior can been seen in any surface of designed furniture. The real challenge of the system was in combination of form and practicality. Gentle form of the designed furniture waves through the room starting from small bench until unique desk.


modern industrial design

The difficult time of pandemic brought unleashed revolution in hospitality. Saturn system demonstrates the value of freedom which we all learnt due to the latest events. Corridor kitchenette gives the impression of feeling “like home”. Spacious living room harmoniusly links with main furniture system highlighted with contrasting wall- mounted light. Industrial design can be noticed in metal chain-link fence structure which corresponds perfectly to light soft wooden elements in the interior. Dominant of yellow and turquois colours have the aspects of fresh and youthful comfort space.


pioneer eclecticism

The real challenge in designing Mars System was to intergated eclectic elements in order to create consistent design. Luminous table tops reflects light leaks behind the headboard. Soft dark navy fluffy carpet gives the effect of luxury and follows the latest trends of marble structure. Unique vinyl wallpaper matches with mirror-shaped elements mounted on gleaming wall. Furniture system is the key point in presented interior. Highlighted hanger area is situated in front of the hotel room. In that way any demanding guest could feel like coming into unique space with the feeling of dark night with stars above and milky way.


furniture designed for exceptional guests

Responding to the needs of your unique guests, we have created a DUBAI hotel furniture system.
The center of the room is a very comfortable bed with a soft headboard reaching the ceiling. The character of the interior is given by modern furniture made of the highest quality materials, illuminated with climatic LED light. The whole arrangement is complemented by exclusive seats and accessories. All dimensions of furniture and colours may change depending on your needs.


combining simple forms with modern design

The MIRO project is characterised by a harmonious combination of simple furniture forms with modern design.
The purpose behind the design of the MIRO system was the comfort of use. The example of the room was carefully thought out and comprehensively equipped by us. All dimensions of furniture and colours can be matched to the customer’s needs.


design and minimalism

The goal was to create furniture that would be practical, comfortable and available at attractive prices.
The character of the interior has been created by us by given the modern form of the wall rails. The lightweight design of the office does not disturb the space. There is a luggage rack in it, and a large mirror mounted on the front.
The whole arrangement is complemented by branded seats available in a wide range of colours. All dimensions of furniture and colours can be matched to the customer’s needs.

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